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Dynamic Local Advertising wants to help our local community & small local business's, these both rely on each other to be successful and keep the doors open, without one another they would fail to operate and be successful with the big corporate franchises moving in. How can Dynamic Local help? We want to create a relationship with the true locals surrounding your business, many of these have been your neighbours for years and have no idea you are right in their own back yard.


How can Dynamic do this? First we want to help by taking your local business and re-amping it with a new professional brand & identity so not only you look good but you can stand up on your block against the corporate giants affecting your business on a daily basis, and create a welcoming buzz and confidence at first glance getting new customers in your door to show them what you can offer them creating a customer to business relationship that can grow into repeat business for many years to come. Design can be expensive and Dynamic wants to help you by changing that to something affordable to help you get back on your feet.


How is our Ad different? When you  advertise with us we cover three (3) areas Print (door knob ads), Online Advertisement, and Social Media. Why waste money and time advertising to a broad market of people in other areas? Little jimmy is not going to drive thirty minutes to get the same thing he can get 5 minutes down the street. This is why at Dynamic Local we target true locals surrounding your business by offering them true Local Only Deals for only the true locals giving the incentive to walk through your doors.


Another area we take advantage of is Online Advertisement where we not only promote you on the doors of locals but in their homes as well using our website to promote and brand your business.


Social Media is the next of the big three! Social media is a huge marketing tool and we use it to your advantage by creating unique give away promotions creating buzz and hype within the community  getting you likes on your own facebook page and increased traffic to you main website!


How? Contact Dynamic Local now and find out!



“You can only be rich, by first enriching others"






    The Ad.

    Clean, Professional, Fresh, & Dynamic Door Knob Ads.

    Catch your target market with a sleek, clean, and

    professional folding door knob advertisement.

    - Double sided

    - Folds to eliminate size and clutter

    - Feels & looks professional

    - Clean & Dynamic Design

    - Full gloss coating

    - High Quality Paper

    - Every home gets one personal greeting

    - Can purchase surrounding Ad spaces


    Cost & Packages



    Your Ad.. Forever!

    Timeline is a program incorporated into Dynamic

    Local’s website where every brand partner that

    advertises with us will earn their very own locked

    spot on the Timeline. Timeline simply takes the

    advertising partners logo and places it in a locked

    position on the Timeline page, showing the growth

    of Dynamic Local and the partners that helped us

    get there. Your logo is interactive and is directly

    linked to your site.

    Imagine how many eye’s will see your brand and

    by simply clicking a button be smoothly redirected

    directly to you.

Need effective & professional targeted advertising? See how Dynamic Local™ can

make your business stand out and engage with true locals surrounding your business.

Go on.... be Dynamic!

We Target True Locals

Dynamic saves you the time and money advertising to customers out of reach and focus on the one right in your own back yard.


By targeting locals around your business you increase the opportunity of  getting a repeat customer that will be loyal for many years to come.


Having your promotions, deals, and upcoming product lineup updated to the locals regularly show you are committed, trustworthy and a constantly thriving business that is helping the local community.

Repeat exposure

Dynamic doorknob ads will continuously be seen by the locals around you. It is much better to reach the same customer 10 times than 10 new customers once. It will build trust, credibility and comfort within your customers and ultimately increase your market visibility.

Personal Touch

We will personally door knock all new clientele and brief them in a quick friendly fashion about who we are at Dynamic Local and what we are doing so when your local surrounding clientele receive your ad they can put a friendly face to the ad and will not ignore or dispose of the your advertisement.

Ability to produce

We design, deliver and advertise your brand in a professional manner that will give your company the exposure it needs to grow in the marketplace.

Our services are extremely cost effective.

We are looking for new partners!

See the types of business's we are looking to advertise with us below!

"Everything is designed, Few things are designed well"






Professional Graphic Design

Stationery Design



Targeted Advertising


Logo Design

Vehicle Wrap Design

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